Going Om: Real-Life Stories On and Off the Mat review on Foreword Reviews

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Going Om

Real-Life Stories On and Off the Mat

Reviewed by Genevieve Shifke Ali
January 15, 2015

Going Om: Real-Life Stories On and Off the Yoga Mat reflects on the practice of applying yoga to everyday life. Edited by Melissa Carroll, this volume consists of essays by contributors who identify first as writers, then as yogis. Thus,Going Om does not take a deep historical look at the ancient philosophy and physical practice, but rather offers humor, sarcasm, solemnity, and occasional discomfort as each narrator tells a yoga-related story.

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A Room of Rain Review on Independent Publisher

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A Room of Rain cover

A Room of Rain

Comprised of twelve standalone short stories, Gary Fincke’s A Room of Rain examines individuals at varying degrees of separation from tragedy. In this collection, Fincke offers twelve separate glimpses at how people cope with, move on from, crack under, and drown in the waves of emotion brought by calamity. These haunting, thought-provoking studies come together to throw comfort out the window, opting instead for the quiet chaos of a post-trauma mind.

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01/01/15 Blackout Poem

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Blackout poetry: the destruction of one literary work for the creation of another.blackout poem 01:01

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