Out of Two Thousand Applicants

June 8, 2014 § 1 Comment

One hundred bluebottles and one hundred monarchs were hired as subjects for the mid-term exam at a local art school. The recruitment process included an examination of wing vibrancy, opacity, and design; a freeze-motion endurance test in which the butterflies held poses for a variety of periods of time ranging from ten seconds to two hours; and a brief scrutiny of flirtation techniques used to evaluate how successfully the candidates could attract a Human.

On the day of the exam, the butterflies were instructed to fly to a Human, pose for however long it took the Human to complete his or her sketch, and then move on to another artist.

The top Humans’ pieces are currently featured in the art school student museum, which can be viewed for a small fee, or one may peek through the windows for a subpar view free of charge.

Please ignore the protesting monarchs out front who believe the scoring system was not fair; they are unassociated with our program. The Human works were judged by an equal opportunity unaffiliated third-party team. The pieces were ranked in categories of mastery of technique and attention to detail. It just happened that this year the majority of talented Humans chose to draw bluebottles rather than monarchs. We had no hand in that, as we employed an equal number of both species.

We are very pleased with this year’s quality of work and we hope you enjoy the gallery as much as we do.


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